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also higher. technology one of the bright spots today. 42 points higher on nasdaq. the s&p 500 higher by 14 points at 1447. the rally today certainly taking the dow one day closer to another month of gains. if we manage to stay in the green tomorrow, that means the market would be up 11 out of the last 12 months. keep in mind tomorrow is not just the end of the month, but also the end of the quarter. what should investors brace for as we end the third quarter? we'll bring in our guests. good to see you guys. we've been talking about institutions chasing beta, large pools of money. do you buy into that if sn ? do you think that continues? >> we really have seen that. it's been a phenomenon since the market fumbled around the lows in july of this year. it's been across the board. it's been in commodities. it's been in domestic stocks. it's been in international stocks. there's so much cash on the sidelines. anything with price momentum. victory, we got victory. that's continued on. it seems to be holding a trend that will, again, probably get us through at least the end of the quarter.
the u.s. economy. >>> and apple officially unveiling the highly anticipated iphone 5 today. the device is thinner, faster and has a larger screen. it will hit store shelves next week with $199 for the phone. take a look at how we're finishing today. settling up on the session. up 10.75 points at 13,334. the nasdaq composite picks up to 31.14. and the s&p 500 flat up three points on the day at 1436. governments to the rescue again across the atlantic. germany's top court upholding the bailout fund. here at home, all eyes on tomorrow's key announcement on february 3rd. what can investors expect? we'll bring in todd of shaver's investment research, david myth of rockland adjustment and mandy drury. >>> you see even if the fete announces -- to the market --? i said, hey, this is a good opportunity because we know what is coming down the pike. the fed is going to lay their cards on the table. it's a trader's market. it has been all year. you've got the buy the rumor and sell the news. this is an opportunity if we get another spike tomorrow to take the chips off the table. we're going to get
be reflationary. he's telling folks that buying gold, t.i.p.s. which rise with inflation and real assets are the play. that took the market off the lows although at the close we saw some sell imbalances. coming up, our all-star market panelist. one stock not making a comeback today, facebook. plunging to a fresh low closing below $18 a share. tonight, take a look at how we're finishing the day. the dow giving up about 54 points at 13,036. nasdaq positive. reversing course coming back from negative up 8 points at the close at 3075 and the s&p 500, flat on the session down about 1 point at 1404. the market staging a bit of a comeback partially due a tweet by bill gross that sparked optimism about the situation in europe. as we head into historically bad month for stocks, should investors be bracing for a rough ride in september? let me bring in robert and ralph. good to see you all. thanks so much for joining us. >> happy to be here. >> i want to pick this up with you. when we were in the dumps in this market months ago, you said to me, maria, you've got to buy this market. we're climbing
picking up today. check that out. 722 million shares traded. the market up 1.5% up on the dow. s&p 500 tonight with financials also higher. technology up 23 points. the s&p 500 at 1459. talking about the highest close on the standard and poors since december 31st of 2007. federal reserve action certainly stimulating the markets today. that's for sure. is the short-term gain eventually going to create long-term pain? ben pace is the u.s. chief investment officer or deutsch bank. also in the conversation, our own steve liesman and rick santelli. >> we love it near term. the only thing we're not certain about, and there's questions about whether this is the all-clear sign for the kind of price earnings mull. expansion we've been looking for. we tend right now to doubt it because the economy is slow. you have your fiscal issues. corporations are still sitting on the sidelines waiting for resolution of the tax and regulatory policies. they're the ones that have to spend to really bring the unemployment down. we don't know how much ben bernanke and the fomc could do about that right now. >>
supply and a spike in u.s. inventories pushing prices l lower. let's take a look at how we're settling on wall street with the market giving up much of an earlier rally. finishing higher, nonetheless. nasdaq also off of the best levels with a gain on the session of about five points. the s&p 500 up but just barely. up by 1 2/3 points. most investors would likely be happy if that's how the year ended for this market. some are worried there's more downside to come. this market, rather than upside, between now and year end. from the fiscal cliff to the election to the market worries. should we be happy to hold on to what we have? let's get into our panel right now and get some thoughts. tim holland, thomas lee of jpmorgan along with our own bri brian shackman and rick santelli. tom, you came out with a report today. i know you had a call with investors. talk to us about what you envision for this market. >> well, you know, what we're talking about is a phenomena that's really happened in each of the last three years, such as 2009, 2010, 2011. we get in towards the final quarte
week. nasdaq gave up about 20 points. that's two-thirds of 1%. the s&p 500 weaker today by 6 2/3. that's about 0.5%. let's close the books on the third quarter. time to get ready for what could be a rocky fourth quarter. our next guests are cautious going into the end of the year. they're joining me now to tell you how to prepare for the volatility. gentlemen, good to have you on the program. thank you for joining us. who is worried about the fourth quarter? eric? >> well, yeah. i'm worried about the impact of the fiscal cliff debate. if we go over the fiscal cliff, the u.s. goes into recession. the map is actually just arithmetic. it's north tht that complicated. we think the debate will be uglier than it needs to be and that will create a lot of volatility. >> we are expecting an earnings comeback in the fourth quarter. do you think this is a question -- i'm asking everybody. do you think the contraction we're expecting to see for third quarter earnings is priced into the market, or is this going to be unexpected? >> i don't think it's priced in -- major contraction is priced in. all
like it was pretty much across the board for the dow. the nasdaq and the s&p will be slightly lower when all is said and done today. so this fed-fueled rally from last week has been losing steam. but will it reignite at some point? what's it going to take to do that? >> joining us to discuss where we go from here, rob morgan, brad freedlander and dan mcman with raymond james. good to see you. what do you think here? what where do we go from here? let me start with you, rob. what's next? >> i continue to like stocks here. i think it's still a heated rally. there's a lot of money on the sidelines fueling this rally. the s&p 500 is still fairly cheap. i do think sam said a minute ago maybe this is a trough and we'll know in the third quarter. >> don't you think earnings expectations are a little too high right now? >> well, bill, i think when you look at the absolute growth numbers, they're double digits. that's partly because things have been so bad here recently that it's a low bar across. so i'm not so sure that's the case that they're too high. >> brad, you look like you're itching
bartiromo. >>> along with the nasdaq and s&p 500, the blue chip average is now down 14 out of the last 15 mondays. adding to the pressure today, a sudden drop in the price of oil. it fell sharply today, putting the major averages down even further. we'll take a look at commodity's effect on how it could affect stocks down the road. >>> dow jones off the worst levels of the afternoon. nevertheless, down a quarter of a percent. light volume today on wall street as it is a jewish holiday. nas dam giving up 5.25 points. fraction of a loss there. the s&p 500 down 4.28 points. mixed sector within the standard & poor's. we talk about profit taking and added effect of the sudden drop in the price of oil on the stock market, but the question is, with the dow just about 600 points away from an all-time high, what will if take to get the blue chips back to that level now that the fed has played its hand and the fiscal cliff remains unresolved? ridgeworth capital, allen gale is with me, river front investment group chris and gfi group's john. we're going to get to john in a moment because he's focuse
't we? nasdaq is a 12 year high, and the s&p about a four and a half year high, a 2% gain there. >> investors cheering europe's bond buying plan today. is this market rally here to stay? especially in a months that historically one of the worst months of the year. >> we have our panel to weigh in as we look at our jobs reform tomorrow. meg mcclellin, and rick santelli is staying late for us. rick, what do you make of the market response today? very dramatic and strong. >> i agree it's government induced, but it doesn't change the fact that everybody in that s&p pit, if they choose to take out their money, their going to get a check. it's real in that regard. i think a better question is one or two years down the road, will spain's unemployment and housing going to catch up with it? and i heard headlines out of spain, rates have dropped, do we even need a bail out, do they not understand what's going on? >> randy, what about you, is europe's crisis really contained? do you buy into this rally? >> we have been listening to this for so long. at least this is a positive move forward
assessment of the day. as we head toward the close, about the lows for the session with the s&p and dow trading lower at this hour. that's the first hour of the "closing bell." i'll see you tomorrow. here's hour number two with maria and special guest host terry duffy. >>> it is 4:00 on wall street. do you know where your money is? hi, everybody. welcome back to the "closing bell." i'm maria bartiromo today at cnbc world headquarters. a late day slide on wall street with the s&p 500 breaking below the key technical level of 1450. the s&p and nasdaq having their worst days in months. protests in spain today demanding parliament be dissolved and elections be held. we'll bring you the details on the ground in madrid coming up. meanwhile, the market closing at the lows of the day. things intensifying at the end of the day amidst what's happening in spain as well as the week that we are ending, the third quarter. expectations that earnings are coming in after caterpillar warns and fedex a couple weeks ago. liz saunders says she's beginning to see things in this market that can be a good thin
. investors disappointed after apple sold just 5 million iphone 5s in just a few days. some analyst predicted much higher results in three days. google set to close at a new high today. google and apple have made up 73% of the nasdaq 100's gains in the third quarter. a similar story all year. take a look at how we're finishing on wall street. dow jones industrial down 19.5 points. art cashin telling us earlier there were sale imbalances. 13,559 at the last trade on blue chip average. volume once again on the light side today on the heels of heavy volume friday with the s&p rebalance. s&p 500 giving up three points today, about 0.25, 1456. nasdaq gave up 20 points, to finish 3160. we're getting closer and closer to the election and more investors are concerned about a major market slide ahead of it. we're a week ahead from the always dangerous october. what are our next guests expecting? we get to our guests doug cody, wells fargo funds management margie patell, and rebecca patterson and our own rick s santelli. rebecca, you're looking at more than equities, in particular currencies. what's th
to come as we get under way at hour two. s. >>> welcome, you see all of those crowds, apparently it's usc. >> they're in town to play syracuse, go usc, right? we know which side the bred is buttered on right now. >> football, right? >> it's all about college football. here is what we're following at the close on this friday. stocks stuck in neutral. there is a possibility of more stimulus from the fed. will they stay in this pattern? we have top strategists weighing in. >> can the precious metal continue to shine? that is coming up, the dow jones eking into positive territory. 13306, the nasdaq higher by only two thirds of a point. >> and we wrapped up an eventble week here. just what are investors preparing for next week? we god a ruling for the der man constitutional on some of the bailout funds over there. >> let's get straight to the markets. pension partners michael gab join us, and our own rick santelli. set the table for us and what it will mean. >> i thought you wanted to hear about my weekend that comes between now and next week. >> fishing, fishing, fishing. >> then we're going
. that was better than 1%. and the lows of the after at 3104 on nasdaq. s&p 500 gave up 8.75 points. markets in the holding pat western a big week ahead. the fed holding a two-day policy meeting with great expectations for more bond-buying action. we'll get the news on thursday. across the pond in europe, european leaders are facing key decisions on their future as well. including a german court that may decide the fate of the markets around the world. german court decision on the constitutionality of the esm bailout fund. that happens on wednesday. what does this mean for you and your money? eric marshall with hodges capital management, marsha with wells fargo and ryan is td waterhouse u.s. equity strategist and rick santelli joining us from chicago. martie, let me kick this off with you because we saw an acceleration of selling in the final 15 minutes of trading ahead some of these key meetings. nervousness going on. what's your take on what happened at the end of the day today and why we saw selling in the afternoon ahead of these meetin meetings? >> i think it's really recognition we hav
don't do this. that means europe stays in a recession. for u.s. investors, i think it is still something of a side show. >> something of a side show. until they either come up with the austerity or -- something's got to give, right? >> because it doesn't disrupt the u.s. economy. the u.s. economy is still growing. our exports to europe are only a very small part of our gdp. the housing market recovery is much more important to the improvement of wealth. we're seeing some improvement of confidence. we're seeing rising home prices. all these are more important to the united states than what's going on in europe. >> mark, how do you see it? you invested in europe these days or no? >> a little bit, maria. you know, i guess the thing i would say about europe and soon to watch on our shores is you're going to pay more and get less. i look forward to the dislocation between price and value. i think there are a few opportunities in europe selectively. a company we own called securitas, which is a man-guarded service. it trades for about 50 krona. we think it's worth 72. we get about a
into that lumia phone. we had consolidate trarkt strong at u.s. air. capacity declines at ual, that happened them as well today. let's move on, people have been talking about the low volatility, here is something out of btig. the s&p has not closed up or down 1%. it's only happened ten times in the last 15 years, and 80% of the time, three months out, the market has been up an average of 4%. >> stick with us, a lot more to come your way on this special wednesday edition of the "closing bell." >> coming up, easing the fed. >> i think we should go and split up investment banking from banking. >> sandy wyle opens some ies on the street with those comments, now william harrison tells maria why the former city group chairman could not be more wrong. and clintonomics. do different times kaulg for different measures? former obama economic advisor peter orszag weighs in. plus, keeping up with kim kardashian. she's laying the grounds for a fashion empire and she's talking only to maria. ch, we understand the importance of your goals. today, our financial advisors lead from a new position of strength. toge
finished the day on wall street, with the dow jones up about 20 points on the session. nasdaq and s&p 500 under water today by a fraction. nasdaq down about six points. and the s&p 500 down just a fraction. the market may be continuing a steady klein. risk on phase is only temporary. resolution of the fiscal cliff will be destabilizing for the equity markets. ben pace joins me right now. also joining the conversation is chase wealth management's anthony khan. and rick santelli. gentlemen, good to have you on the program. let me kick it off with you. you're looking for some fundamental fiscal policy, in order to get things moving again. will we get it? >> that'sed big uncertainty right now. i think monetary policy has done what they could do right now. a lot of corporations who have cash on the balance sheets are waiting for some resolution around tax policy, regulatory policy, what their costs going-forward are going to be before they start to hire. and one of the things is to get unemployment down. it's going to take a little longer until we get that kind of resolution. >> stay out of th
average reversing course in the final hour due to the rebalance of the nasdaq and the s&p down on the average. fractional losses there. you see the volume number obviously picking up because of that rebalance today. more than a billion shares here alone at big board. stocks seeing a host of headlines today. number one, it's quadruple witching day in the markets which basically means a lot of volatility and volume picking up which we just saw. the s&p 500 rebalancing just now, both contributing to the lower finish on wall street. that's not enough? kraft leaving the dow jones industrial average today being replaced by united health care what. will that mean for the markets? we bring in lee moungton, cliff davis and our own rick santelli. gentlemen, good to have you on the program. thanks so much for spending the time. >> thanks for being here. >> lee, let's talk stocks here. what should investors make out of the s&p rebalance tonight? >> well, i think the first thing is what are the top things that are going to rebalance, apple, google, berkshire hathaway so instead of trying to
's fires a warning shot to congress. meanwhile, the white house on u.s. debt, but is anybody in washington listening? we'll put the number two democratic congressman steny hoyer in the hot seat. it's an interview you'll only see on this network. don't miss it. then facebook's mark zuckerberg speaks for the first time since his company's botched ipo. is it time for him to hand over t the reigns to somebody else? and we'll talk about the government's $12 billion profit from the controversial bailout of aig and more. stick around. "closing bell" continues. i'm freaking out man. why? i thought jill was your soul mate. no, no it's her dad. the general's your soul mate? dude what? no, no, no. he's, he's on my back about providing for his little girl. hey don't worry. e-trade's got a killer investing dashboard. everything is on one page, your investments, quotes, research... it's like the buffet last night. whatever helps you understand man. i'm watching you. oh yeah? well i'm watching you, watching him. [ male announcer ] try the e-trade 360 investing dashboard. the economy needs manufacturing.
, nearly 1%. and the s&p 500 picks up 5 2/3 points. that's about a third of a percent. the dow continues its climb higher, getting closer and closer to the all-time high the market hit back in 2007. does the rally have more room to run, or is it time to take money off table? so where do we go from here, gentlem gentlemen? let's talk about putting money to work in this market. do you still feel bullish, jim? >> yes, we feel fairly bullish. it's not going to be a straight line. everybody expects it to be a one-way street. we think that between now and the end of the year the market's going to be working its way upward. both here, which is the leading economy in the world at this point, leading in the sense we're in the forefront of the economic movement, and in europe or latin america, asia, around the world the central banks are easing up. they realize that we're looking at a worldwide recession. so we think that easing is going to give us some money. >> jeff cox, a lot of money on the sidelines here. that money may very well come into this market going into year end. what are you seeing?
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19